Double hand transplant patient writes letter of thanks

Image copyright PA Image caption Chris King can also applaud the Leeds Rhinos team once more The first person in the UK to have a double hand transplant has written a letter of thanks to his surgeon, nine months after his pioneering operation.Chris King, 57, of Doncaster, lost both hands, except his thumbs, in an … [Read more…]

Kansas man gives 32 gallons of blood over 64 years

Harold Facklam Jr. doesn’t think about how his donations of 32 gallons of life-saving blood have affected others or even saved lives. He remembers the reasons why he began his service to those in need of such a precious gift. “I just did it because it was something that I could do. I never served … [Read more…]

Fighting junkyard dogs, thieving neighbors, and a grumpy shopkeeper, this Indian teenager taught himself how to build a windmill out of scrap to bring water to his village. He did this while biking 30 kilometers a day to town and using only a Windows 95 computer and Wikipedia.

And it was all that Ankit Yadav, age 18 of Dabethuwa village in India, dreamed of as he biked 30 kilometres across the dry and dusty roads to the town of Gyanpur. A lack of water left Dabethuwa in its last throes. Young people were leaving the village in search of work, turning away from … [Read more…]

Muslim couple of Pakistani origin donates $15 milllion to Catholic university to deepen understanding of link between religion and global affairs

An American couple of Pakistani origin announced $15 million for the University of Notre Dame to create an institute that will aim to deepen knowledge of religion and seek to explain how the traditions and practice of various faiths influence world events, a New York Times report said. Rafat and Zoreen Ansari, who moved the … [Read more…]